Moneyball Looks Like A Winner

Perhaps it’s the fact that I loved that particular Oakland team.  They started slow, stinking it up royally, until they came on like an avalanche.  Maybe that’s why the heartbreak was so extreme.

Slide, Giambi, slide!!!

I can still picture the Derek Jeter “flip” play in which he so deftly got the ball into Posada’s hands to tag Jeremy Giambi out.  And no, there was never any slide.  Could he have beat the tag if he slid? Very possibly, but we’ll never know.  I can only think back to that play like a kick in the guts, the play that turned the series around.

In any case, I heard Moneyball was shelved at least a couple of times during or after production.  That’s never a good sign.  Could the story translate to the big screen?  Here are the drawbacks:

1) Let’s face it, first of all, it’s a baseball movie.  Traditionally, baseball movies haven’t done that great.

2) It deals with the Oakland A’s…not the most popular franchise.

3) It is based on a real story, which unfortunately means we can’t expect the A’s to win the championship in the movie.

4) Why was it shelved so long?

5) Did I mention it’s a baseball movie?

What does it have going for it:

1) Of course, Brad Pitt.  The guy can act, is charismatic, and has the movie star looks people want to see.

2) The story.  I think this will touch more than baseball geeks. It may not look popular on the surface, but I think there’s something here that will speak to people.

3) Not sure.

I’m really hoping it does well.  The A’s have been floundering, and history has not been kind to the teams Billy Beane has been fielding after the Moneyball era.  The problem is, would you pay $10 dollars to watch such a movie, or would you wait for it to come to Netflix streaming, or cable?  I think that for people outside of Oakland A’s or hardcore baseball fans, it would be the latter.  But we’ll see… In the meantime, check out the Moneyball trailer here.



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