Ok, so I finally saw Moneyball. I had written a previous post about it where I mentioned the A’s team in question was the one that lost to the Yankees in the playoffs….that was not it. It was the team after, the one that lost in the first round of the playoffs to the Minnesota Twins (2002 Season). The team with the 20 game winning streak. That team did NOT have Jason Giambi, and they got rid of Jeremy Giambi mid-season. It was a team full of scrappy guys (with 3 great pitchers, of course…Hudson, Moulder, Zito.)

I did like the movie. I thought Brad Pit did a great job, as he tends to do at this stage in his career. It was refreshing to see the realism…a story does not have to have a happy (Hollywood) ending to be a good movie.

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