That’s it…you’re CUT OFF!!! (Literally…)

This could be considered a man’s worst nightmare…well, at least in terms of the ego. A Los Angeles woman went crazy ape shit on some poor sap and cut off his “member.” Wow, the revenge tactic Lorena Bobbitt made famous surfaces yet again!

First of all, a word of advise to unfaithful, or “cheating” males:

1) Don’t cheat. Stop it. You committed yourself into a life long relationship and you need to accept responsibility for making things work. This act is especially shameful if you are some middle age geezer with kids and a wife who stuck with you for years.

2) If you absolutely cannot make things work (the woman is crazy, abusive, etc) then leave.  Easier said than done, but then again, if the person is missing a few nuts and bolts, it will benefit you in the long run.

Secondly, advice to cheating males who get caught AND have a “feisty,” or, “less than stable” wife:

1) Oh boy, do you have some ‘splainin’ to do.  You can always go the Kobe Bryant route and spend a ton of money on a “please forgive me” gift.

2) Be apologetic and show remorse.  If you act cocky…well, let’s just say you might not get the desired reaction from your spouse

3) Stop cheating!  And unfortunately, you will probably have to hear about this incident for years….maybe the rest of your life.  Be prepared for this.

4) sleep on your stomach.

5) You may want to stay away until your spouse cools down a bit.  Rent a room at a motel 6, sleep in the car, stay with a far off relative, etc.  Just don’t expose yourself to harm–let the emotions settle down as much as possible before settling yourself back to your routine as if nothing happened.


1) No matter what you do, sometimes it will never be enough.

2) If your spouse is ultra jealous and abusive, stay away!


But what happens if your wife is nuts, or to be more fair, your scumbag behavior drives her to nutzoid land and you end up drugged and mutilated?  Hell, don’t put yourself in that spot.  Go back to my “don’t cheat” advise, or if your behavior is going to break up your family, consider leaving.  Of course, don’t shy away from your legal responsibilities (alimony, child support, etc).  That’s just life.  You make your bed and you lie in it.  If you don’t, life will catch up with you some day, don’t fool yourself into thinking you “got away with it.”


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