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Koningsplatz, Munich, Germany

Qiuvo means, “What’s up,” or, “How’s it going?”  This blog is about tidbits of truth and nonsense.

The history of this website dates back to to perhaps 2003, probably earlier. It doesn’t really matter as the site sat on the shelves for years. It never quite evolved like I planned because life sort of “got in the way,” as life often does. Life has included the daily grind of long work days and long commutes, layoffs, job hunting, problems, things very common to most people who work, have families, bills to pay, etc.

Well, after several versions (including a stint on Blogger), I managed to move the blog to Word Press, which I’ve found a nice experience so far. My first post on WP was back in August, after a recent trip to Germany. The posts have been very few and far between, but I vow to pick up speed. No matter how busy, I will make the effort to keep this up.

So what is this site about? I like to say that I would make a TERRIBLE politician–not because I don’t have good political ideas or strong convictions, but because I would fail miserably. I am way too moderate to survive political office in today’s America. I see good ideas in all political ideologies, and I would be terrible at sticking with “the party line.” You know what they say about walking in the middle of the road…you get run over. So this website is sort of like that. It is not fully committed to a certain category, but several. I love many things…most notably music, art, writing, movies, food, travel, God, etc…you get the picture. Too many things. I have very limited time, so it would be hard to write about all of the above in any sort of effective way. But whatever.

I do ask a favor if you happen to come across this website and enjoy something you read: please leave a comment. It would be nice to know that the words on this page aren’t just going to some huge black hole in cyberspace. Spammers, I don’t mean you guys…no need to leave health insurance or viagra links…those comments will be trashed.

May this site thrive or fail miserably!

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Tidbits of Truth and Nonsense