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Semi-Artificial organ transplant achieved…Cyborgs next?

Andemariam Teklesenbet, a 36 year old Swedish patient with an advanced case of cancer, received the world’s first artificial trachea transplant. Doctors concocted a revolutionary way to accomplish this, which included building a trachea out of a plastic (artificial) material and coating it with the patients own cells to avoid rejection.

I find this utterly amazing. To think what medical science will be able to accomplish in the next few decades with this as a baseline starting point. Here is a link to the USA today article.

I am looking forward to seeing what we will accomplish in the field of regenerative biology. I pray to God for a day when people with neuro-muscular ailments or spinal chord injuries/nerve damage will be able to receive treatment and healing. Stories like this make me appreciative of the human intellect with which we’ve been entrusted.